Sonoscape S6 (yeni)

Sonoscape S6 (yeni)

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Sonoscape S6 Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound machine 

12000 USD  (1 probe)

14000 USD (2 probe)

yeni cihaz / 24 ay zəmanət


• 15 inch LCD monitor
• One button image optimization: M-Tuning
• Intuitive interface and user-friendly control panel
• Lightweight, built-in Li-ion battery supports continuous scanning for more than one hour without power supply

• Professional services for 2B, 4B, CFM, DPI and PW.
• Panoramic imaging.
• A wide range of transducers.
• Freehand 3D imaging;
• 135 degrees wide range trans-vaginal transducer with temperature detection
• Professional and abundant OB/GYN measurement software

• A wide range of transducers and professional and cardiovascular measurement software.

• High quality Trans-rectal transducers and Biplane transducers

Emerging Applications
• Biopsy guide
• Supporting emergency, ICU/CCU, and anesthesia applications.
• Imaging technologies in the S6 provide amazing imaging quality in both near and far fields.
• S6 is compatible with SonoScape’s high frequency linear transducer


Other Applications
• MSK/Sports medicine, Breast, Angiology and Vascular, etc.