Sonoscape S8 Exp
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Sonoscape S8 Exp

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Sonoscape S8 Expert (S8 Exp)

14000 USD -  1 probe

16000 USD  - 2 probes

The Expert amongst the Portable Colour Doppler Ultrasound SystemsColor doppler advanced level hcu with 15" touch screen monitor and 2 transducer sockets. 64 phys. channels, 8.5 imaging levels, compatible to HD probes. New software platform with extra functions like elastography, needle enhancement and more. SonoScape S8 Exp is excellent for nearly every clinical situation, including cardiology, abdominal, OB/GYN, small parts, urology and so on.

Automatic Tissue Optimization Technology (ATO) and M-Tuning (1-button scanning) deliver ease-of-use and time savings by automatically adjusting parameters to display the optimal image quality for the type of tissue being imaged.

Complete Doppler Capabilities including Color Flow, Pulsed Wave Spectral Doppler, Steerable Continuous Wave Doppler and Power Doppler.

Multi-parameter Compound Imaging combines multiple coplanar images captured from different beam angles to form an integrated image.

Steerable M Mode allows for precise axis positioning, resulting in extremely accurate measurements.

Super High Density Transducers provide more information in every image enabling the visualization of complex anatomy with superior detail and precision.

U-scan Technology, the latest advance in Speckle Reduction Technology, reduces noise while increasing border definition and diagnostic confidence.

Panoramic Imaging produces an ultra-wide field of view, providing maximum information on tissue and lesions.

E-flow uses Advanced Doppler Technology to capture low-velocity blood flow signals, and increase color sensitivity.

Tissue Doppler Imaging enables quantitative assessment of left ventricular systolic and diastolic function.

Pulse Inversion Harmonics offers numerous advantages over conventional imaging, including improved contrast resolution, reduced noise and clutter, improved lateral resolution, reduced slice thickness, reduced artifacts and, in many instances, improved signal-to-noise ratio.